Go Ultra Low

Go Ultra Low

Go Ultra Low NE is regional campaign to promote knowledge and interest in electric, hybrid and low-emissions cars across the region.

O have worked closely with the team at the North East Combined Authority to create a brand identity for the campaign with the aim of eliciting key behaviour change and consideration of an ultra-low emissions vehicle, specifically with families, older couples and businesses looking for fleets vehicles. Alongside creating a brand which is eye catching and memorable, O created a key set of brand messages and pillars which form the cornerstones of all communications activity taking place in the region when it comes to the promotion of low emissions vehicles. By creating the brand guidelines and message house, O was able to work with the Go Ultra Low NE team to funnel and segment all of the relevant information from partners and stakeholders in the region into one easily digestible consumer message, with clear calls to action.

The brand identity focuses on ‘why not?’ and leads on the notion that there are no downsides to considering a switch to an ultra-low emissions vehicle in 2019. The campaign aimed to demystify some of the rumours around electric / hybrid vehicles, for example that they are unaffordable for regular families, and help people better understand how they can explore the region for less by making the switch. The brand has been created so the messaging can be easily adapted for each core audience in order to be most relevant for their life stage, barriers and needs.


The 24 month campaign launched across the North East and utilised a range of social media, digital content and influencer outreach and press activity; all showcasing the benefits the vehicles for each specific audience and leading to increased awareness and consideration of hybrid and electric vehicles in the North East.


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