Reaching Estate Agents with a personalised campaign

iamproperty is the UK’s largest residential auctioneer and one of the UK’s fastest growing PropTech businesses. They came to us with a brief to create a campaign to support their sales team to drive leads and conversions for their top Estate Agent targets.

The campaign had to cut through a very noisy marketing space, so we had to make sure it would grab attention in a new way.

Why did we choose Lego?

Each year we go out to market for iamproperty to gather data from their key audience groups and supply chain, working with key research bodies and collecting insight through focus groups and surveys. This insight helped us to shape our campaign concept, exploring the interests in the demographic groups and shaping a campaign that would cut through with something direct and personal. We knew the campaign had to make agents the stars of the campaign, but also reach them at the office so that it didn’t get lost in their busy digital lives. For this reason, we decided on a multi-phase, multi-channel approach that would start with Lego themed Direct Mail campaign.

The partnership with Lego Minifigures was defined by campaign purpose, which was to showcase iamproperty as the ‘missing piece’ in an Estate Agent’s business. Working with iamproperty gives agents the last piece to their puzzle, to have everything under one roof and access to the full ecosystem, with a core message of ‘have you ever tried to build something but find you’re missing that one piece”? This plays not only to the property market and ‘building’, but to agents with the notion of ‘building their business without the right tools’. The nostalgia and the demographic interest groups made Lego the perfect partner for this DM campaign.

To add a personal element and the campaign hook, we used AI to use the agents’ LinkedIn profile picture and reimagine them as Lego characters. These were then turned into personalised Lego keyrings that each target would receive in their pack. Alongside this, we illustrated digital versions of each member of the sales team who would be following up the campaign, so that they were introduced in each pack at a relevant regional level and so that the characters could be used for AI generated follow up videos, email and personal sales proposal decks.

As well as receiving great feedback from the agents, who had loved the personalised approach and noted it was like nothing they had been sent before, the campaign was the most successful sales campaign to date.

Overall campaign ROI of 10,500%


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